Everyone hates pop ups, but keep on reading!

The dislike comes from the frustration they cause when users are immediately bombarded with a request for personal details within the first 30 seconds of landing on your website. The whole purpose of bringing in subscribers is getting information from people who are likely to use your services in future. But why should users provide you with personal information, when they haven’t been given the opportunity to digest and understand what you have to offer.

Exit intent pop-ups 

Exit intent pop ups completely avoid this problem. These are triggered when the user goes to leave a site, by which time they have had the chance to consider the product or service, and whether this is something that potentially appealing. If not, they were unlikely to ever use you, and if so they are then more inclined to subscribe. The design and implementation of these is a service we offer on our Total Digital Marketing Packages.  

Be clear about what you’re offering 

People don’t provide their personal information for no reason. It’s crucial to be really clear about what advantages your subscribers will gain. Whether it’s updated information on news and offers, or access to your latest brochure, there needs to be a clear incentive as to why they allow you to contact them again.

 Don’t ask for too much

A common mistake when implementing a pop up is to ask for too much information. You don’t need to know someone’s name, address, email address and phone number in order for them to subscribe. Users will more than likely leave when asked for too much information as it’s time consuming and the majority of it, irrelevant. Ask for the minimum that you need in order to showcase your products and services to them in the future.

 Page specific pop-ups 

We have found these work very well for some of out Total Digital Marketing clients with a number of different products or services to offer.  You can use separate pop ups to trigger on alternative pages in order to ensure they are directly relevant to the content that the user has been viewing before they go to leave the site. This ensures that you are offering your potential subscriber a pertinent incentive, more likely to generate interest.

 Don’t lose an opportunity

There are a large number of users that will visit your site, but never make the conscious effort to return. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture those who have engaged with your content and bring them back later. Just because people aren’t ready to purchase from you right now, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Successful email marketing often has a great conversion rate, so it’s always an advantage to build a considerable list of subscribers to convert in the future.

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