People don’t go on Facebook to buy your products and services!

Think about it… Why are people on Facebook?

People go on Facebook to be entertained by watching videos of cats jumping away from cucumbers (If you haven’t seen it, I have put a link at the bottom of this article).

People go on Facebook to put selfies and other photos on there and see how many likes they get, and worry why it was less than last time.

People go on Facebook to say things like “Oh, what a bad day this has been”, in order to get the inevitable response “what’s wrong hun?”.

People go on Facebook to peer into the lives of their friends, anonymously….

I know I am being a little harsh on Facebook users and perhaps belittling the benefit that people can get from it. I am just trying to make a point. However, the fact still remains, and businesses need to realise it…..

People don’t go on Facebook to buy your products and services

So, what should businesses be doing on Facebook?

Resist the temptation to sell, sell, sell.

Businesses should resist the temptation to push their products and services and should instead try to be part of their Facebook Likers’ entertainment arena.

I see many businesses whose Facebook posts are driven by a clear and sometimes urgent need to get sales. See these fairly typical posts I see:

“Get 3 nights’ accommodation for the price of 2”

“Save 5% on all carpet cleaning this weekend”

“Order before the end of May and save 15%”

So, I am browsing Facebook, happily reading inane comments, pictures of what people are having for dinner and watching the first 10 seconds of some mildly amusing videos… I see a post telling me I should book a summer holiday in a holiday cottage up the road in a place I don’t really know, just because I can save 10% if I book now.

It comes out the blue, and cuts across my need for whiling away a few minutes on my phone whilst I wait for the kettle to boil. No thanks….!

A much better approach would be to tell me some interesting information about the area, show me an amazing sunset or stunning view. Give me a guide on activities that I could do if I stayed their. Sell me the dream, not the discount.

Think of your interaction with customers as if they had just casually browsed into a physical shop that you own. Facebook is the chat you have with the customer as they walk in. Facebook is not the pushy salesman or even the till in your shop. That is where your website comes in.

Before you slip in a sales message, build an audience

I am not saying that you shouldn’t promote your products or services at all on Facebook, just that you should build an audience first.

Entertain, amuse, educate, inform, and then when everyone is listening, mention that you have an offer or something they may want, and make sure you promote that message with a little Facebook advertising.

Think of it like getting a large number of potential customers into a hall, making them laugh, inspiring them and then as they leave, suggesting something you can provide for them to buy.

Facebook Strategy for Businesses

Facebook really can work for businesses but it has to be based on a strategy that is tied in to a Total Digital Marketing plan that is measurable and gives a good return on investment. We run paid and unpaid Facebook campaigns for dozens of companies every month. From £1 a day remarketing campaigns to £2000 a month campaigns generating 5 figure sums in terms of sales.

Every business is different, every business has different objectives and budgets, which is why the businesses we work with have customised Total Digital Marketing strategies developed for them that we implement together.

We are happy to meet and discuss how we could work together, just contact us.

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Oh yes – That cats being frightened of cucumbers video I promised you – Click here!