Did you watch this weekend’s Platinum Party at the Palace? 

Over 22,000 people attended the event live in London as part of the Jubilee weekend’s celebrations. Can you imagine your business having the opportunity to appear in front of a crowd that size?

Well, you can! In May, we generated over 100,000 impressions on our own InSynch PPC advertising campaigns – 5 times the number of people that were in the Jubilee crowd! But the Queen isn’t the only one celebrating this month!

This Thursday we’ll be heading down to Cardiff for the Wales Business Awards where we’ll proudly sit as finalists for DIGITAL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR! Over 180 nominations were received for these awards and so we were thrilled to make the top 4 businesses in this category. A huge testament to the team here at InSynch.

We may not YET be winners of this award but let us give you a breakdown of why we feel we have managed to get this far.

We use technology effectively 

At InSynch we have three main types of customers

  1. Those that attend our webinars
  2. Our Total Digital Marketing Clients
  3. Our larger contractors such as government projects providing business support

1. Webinars:
Over 3000 businesses attended webinars or received consultancy last year. With over 17 years experience and a team of inhouse specialists delivering expert advice has enabled us to transform 100’s of businesses. We use minimal printing, preferring now to use QR codes to access presentations. Delivering these webinars online, an average 20 a month, ensuring we work more efficiently by eliminating the need for travel.
Following each webinar, we immediately trigger an electronic feedback form ensuring we can import leads directly into our CRM enabling our team to follow up on any potential leads.

2. Total Digital Marketing Clients
Over the past 2 years, we have made full use of modern technology, resulting in a period of rapid growth for InSynch.

  • We no longer use printers, this allows us to quickly onboard clients with e-signing.
  • We have increased our online meeting frequency to over 3,500 meetings in 2021
  • Using technology enables us to have access to a wider team through agile working, with staff working in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Shrewsbury.
  • We use the InSynch Brain – a sophisticated Intelligent Knowledge System
  • We have a support desk integrated with our knowledge base and CRM
  • Harvest time recording which is integrated with our InSynch Brain – great for reporting and transparency
  • Use Trello boards for shared client access

3. Our larger contractors Providing business support
InSynch has supported many contracts in shifting to online, whereas we used to meet face to face, we now have quick 15 minute meetings online to provide support as required.

By using digital technology effectively we have dramatically increased our company turnover

  • We have increased efficiencies and capacity by using digital systems, allowing us to work faster and be consistent
  • This has in turn improved client retention, allowing for more detailed reporting and transparency.

Technology has given us the scope to perform intelligent tactic sharing. By using digital technology in this way, InSynch has doubled its turnover in 2 years and trebled in last 4 years.

Internal communications and improved productivity 

We have also greatly improved internal communications and productivity, allowing for a happier and better-connected team. Even though we have physical offices throughout the country, there is no obligation to work from them more than two days a week, allowing our staff to thrive with a better work-life balance.

Practices we now have in place:

  • New staff inductions: access to more staff and meetings to shadow as required
  • Relocating Staff can be handled easily
  • We very much have a one team ethos: regardless of where you are working
  • 2 internal online full team meetings a week
  • An online office room, where you can freely chat with colleagues
  • Remote management opportunities offering progression
  • Almost no miles travelled now saving time and money
  • We have the ability to pull any member of staff into a meeting, wherever they are
  • Slack messaging, creating a searchable central workplace removing the need for time consuming internal emails
  • Systemisation of processes using technology to remove delays.
  • Hybrid working AND flexitime
  • Remote workers are prioritised
  • VOIP – No physical phones anymore, all communication is now done through mobile phones or a laptop, allowing for easy transition from office to remote working.

We have systems in place to ensure our physical and intellectual property is fully protected. We share our Digital Marketing knowledge freely, but we also capture skills and our team’s knowledge:

  • Our InSynch Brain is easily accessible to our inhouse team, thus eliminating the need for exporting and printing information
  • All our staff have switched to encrypted laptops and cloud file storage
  • We have a companywide password system allowing for more secure passwords storage
  • InSynch are completely paperless

Although we have realigned our way of working, that’s not to say InSynch has not had its share of challenges and has had to face and overcome these the last couple of years. But we are in the fortunate position to say that we have thrived by embracing the everchanging use of technology.
What we have achieved:

  • Growth and its impact on systems
  • Double the staff but also doubled the clients with active planning
  • This has had a massive impact on InSynchs’ growth

We have returned to office working but also retained online benefits, our staff were surveyed and preferred a hybrid working set up, which works for us but is maintained to ensure no staff member feels isolated working from home. We have ensured all staff have the equipment that allows them to work efficiently both at work and at home making the transition as easy as possible, with simple and effective use of soundproofing of office space and close-range microphones.

So what do we have planned for the future?

Continuous growth and through adoption and effective use of technology

So, we have everything crossed for bringing home the award on Thursday, but understand we have some great competition. We’d like to wish all our competitors, 3ecruit, Acruna.com and Wales Interactive good luck and hope to enjoy a great face to face evening with our team. If you aren’t getting the results you want from your digital marketing – book a FREE 121 digital marketing session with the team and we’ll help you go over any issues and formulate a digital marketing strategy to carry forward. Or if you’re short on time and resources, contact us about our Total Digital Marketing packages.