What’s it like to be part of Team InSynch?

Some of the InSynch Team
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Over the past 3 years InSynch has made full use of digital technology. This, combined with an award winning digital marketing offering, has resulted in a period of rapid growth. This has enabled us to employ 6 new members of staff, but to also look at our current incentives that we feel makes InSynch ‘THE’ Digital Marketing company to work for in England and Wales. (Some of team pictured above)

Whilst we felt it was important to ensure we offered an attractive package to new employees; it was also hugely important to ensure that existing staff felt valued and were happy with the direction of their careers.

We needed to recognise the incredible efforts made by our existing team over what has been a challenging few years, allowing us to not only grow but be recognised by the wider business community.

So, what keeps the staff so motivated at InSynch? Here are just some of the benefits:
• Flexible hybrid working, from multiple locations (office 2 days a week)
• Company Pension
• Early finish on Fridays
• Birthdays off + 1 day for every year worked (over 3 years)
• Regular team get togethers, with overnight accommodation provided
• Regular rewards when InSynch hit key targets
• Desk allowance – to choose desk equipment/gadgets that make working life easier
• Personal development plans, staff can choose both external and internal training packages
• Victories board, where we celebrate InSynch successes as a team
• Monthly fun afternoons, where we down tools as it were and take time out!
• An open chat and video board for ‘other stuff’ where we can chat about anything unrelated to work, much as you would do if you were sat side by side in the office.

We have also greatly improved internal communications and productivity, allowing for a happier and better-connected team. Even though we have physical offices throughout the country, there is no obligation to work from them more than two days a week, allowing our staff to thrive with a better work life balance.

What this means for productivity at InSynch
• We have increased our meeting frequency to over 3,500 meetings in 2021
• Using technology enables us to have access to a wider team through agile working, with staff working in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Shrewsbury.
• We use the InSynch Brain – a sophisticated Intelligent Knowledge System
Although we have realigned our way of working, that’s not to say InSynch has not had its share of challenges and has had to face and overcome these the last couple of years. But we are in the fortunate position to say that we have thrived by embracing the everchanging use of technology.

What we have achieved:
We have returned to office working for on average 2 day a week, but also retained online benefits, our staff were surveyed and preferred a hybrid working set up, which works for us but is maintained to ensure no staff member feels isolated working from home. We have ensured all staff have the equipment that allows them to work efficiently both at work and at home making the transition as easy as possible, with simple and effective use of soundproofing of office space and close-range microphones.

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So lets hear from the staff of InSynch and discover what its really like to work for ‘THE’ Digital Marketing company of England and Wales.

Social Media Specialist
“For me, working from home/hybrid working allows me to deliver more webinars, more consultations and more client meetings. It means I have more time either side of my webinars and consultations to deliver important client work. Not only is it a far more productive way of working, but not travelling as much keeps my ecological footprint extremely small, which is something I’m passionate about. Being able to be on the beach by 10 past 5 each day doesn’t hurt either!”

Digital Marketing Consultant
“Working from home primarily allowed me to move to another area of the UK with no interruption to how I work. It allowed me to start work in a new physical office which was picked with easy travel routes and plenty of outdoor space nearby which is great, and really helps the team feel as positive about working at home as they do in the office.”

Digital Marketing Specialist
“Before Covid, my days were long! I was travelling on average 3-4 hours a day, often more if meeting with clients or attending events. I can now work from multiple locations, but best of all I can literally clock off at 5pm and by 5.10pm be at the beach when working from home in West Wales, or be in the centre of Cardiff, Bristol or Swansea with friends when working from those locations. I love the diversity of the job but also the how hybrid working is far more efficient, but still have that all important work life balance, something I have very much needed in recent months with family illness. With the processes and equipment in place, I remain connected to the team, productive and never feel out on my own. Win win”

Digital Marketing Executive
“Thanks to this hybrid way of working we can work from any of our offices across the UK. That means if we’re in Bristol for the weekend, we can extend our stay and work from our Bristol office!
As well as that, our flexible working set-up lets us adapt working from home and in the office around our lifestyles, so if we work better in the mornings we can start earlier and finish earlier.”

Digital Marketing Executive
“Hybrid working has been essential to my work-life balance and productivity. I’m very much a morning person, and with flexibility to choose when we start and finish work, this means I can start earlier during my most productive hours of the day.
The way hybrid working has been setup at InSynch means we never miss out on being connected with each other. Thanks to our shared ‘virtual’ office space via Google Meet, we’re still able to work collaboratively as a team no matter where we’re based.”

Digital Marketing Executive
“My productivity has increased with hybrid working as it allows me to focus on the task at hand with zero distractions, I find that I’m more productive during my working hours as I feel I have more time within each day and feel more energised.
Hybrid working is the perfect mix between office and home life. I get to enjoy a better work-life balance, with the opportunity to still go into the office and have those extra days of socialisation when needed.”

Digital Marketing Consultant
“The hybrid working policy allows me to form better relationships with my clients because we are meeting far more regularly online. Gone are the days when it was normal to have just a couple of meetings in one day and the rest of that time spent on travel. I am now able to attend several client meetings and still get plenty of practical work done on any given day! The team is very well integrated due to InSynch’s approach to hybrid working, far more so across different office locations than we were pre-covid. Not only does this policy make me more effective in my job, but also allows me to dedicate more time to hobbies and personal interests that are important to me.”

Digital Marketing Executive
“Hybrid working benefits me massively. Firstly it is beneficial in terms of finance as the hybrid model reduces the amount I’m spending each month travelling to work. In the same breath this works to increase the balance of my work/life balance as there is far less time spent travelling as well! Secondly, Hybrid working allows for me to have all the benefits that come with working from home as well as the social and team aspects of working together in the office. It is the perfect work environment for me.”

InSynch Manager
“When InSynch moved to hybrid working it not only allowed me to have a greater work-life balance but it enabled me to be more productive as I’m in my own surroundings and therefore control of surrounding noise and activity (I just have to worry about my dog barking and the bin men on a Thursday morning). Moving to a hybrid way of working also has environmental benefits as there are now days in the week where I don’t commute at all.
Lots of effort has been put into making team members feel connected to one another without being in the office as regular ‘fun’ sessions are booked in, and anyone can drop onto video calls to problem solve or chat while working. In many ways across our multiple UK locations, we are more connected and work closer together than ever before.”

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