You may have heard recently that InSynch has recently opened its “Virtual Doors” for online meetings

Video conferencing is how we are delivering our free 1-2-1 consultancy offer but you may not necessarily understand how that works or how to apply it to your business during these temporary restrictions on how we all currently conduct business and meetings. The way we are communicating with clients, customers, team members and other companies have constantly evolved over the last few decades but recent events are pushing businesses online at an even quicker pace.

You may have heard of e-meeting or video conferencing before and it’s likely that you would have assumed that these would be difficult to set up and require a lot of investment in technology but in actual fact, they do not and most modern-day devices are capable of assisting you with this along with some free software and apps. You may even be reading this blog article on a device that’s ready to conference with an inbuilt camera and microphone!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”… Why you should be meeting online

A common saying and one that you have probably heard hundreds of times but it’s even more true in this instance. Studies suggest that 80% of communication is nonverbal and its therefore much easier to understand the person you are talking to if you can see their body language and facial expressions. Video conferencing doesn’t just have to show faces though, it can show what’s on your screen and that potentially is even more valuable depending on your what you are trying to accomplish – More on that later.

It doesn’t have to be just for meetings though, With more people temporarily working from home than ever before its important that isolated staff members feel part of your team and able to communicate easily. At InSynch we are still holding team meetings, still discussing projects and ensuring that the social aspect of working in an office doesn’t get forgotten. All these measures feel far more personal than just picking up the phone or emailing and there is even the added bonus of seeing colleagues pets join in the occasional video conference!

You probably have everything you need already!

The following devices are capable of video conferencing straight away providing they have an inbuilt camera and microphone:

  • A Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptops
  • A computer with a webcam attached (you will also need speakers with a microphone or a pair of headphones)

Here are some useful applications to download:

Google Hangouts

This is our system of choice for video conferencing but also includes chat functionality which is great for keeping staff members connected, It’s free to meet online and all you need is a Google login. There is also the functionality to screen share during your meeting. You can access Google Hangouts via mobile apps or through the browser on your computer.


An alternative is Skype, You may have heard of this one before. There are few extra (and some paid) features within Skype but video conferencing and messaging is free and offers mobile apps and desktop a desktop application.


Teamviewer offers free and paid options dependant on what you need to use it for and the size of your organisation but this is our favourite for screen sharing and remote controlling other computers, Handy if you need to lend a hand remotely. You will need a laptop or computer to use Teamviewer.

Screen sharing will save you time

Without sharing your screen with another person, Demonstrating and giving instructions can be extremely difficult. Visually showing someone something means that you have a much higher chance of that person understanding and remembering what they are shown. If you are struggling to convey information easily where you would usually show a client, customer or colleague something then try screen sharing and video calling instead.

It’s important to keep in touch out of work too

Socialising is difficult right now so keeping connected is more important than ever. Getting to grips with meeting online means that you can also meet relatives or friends from the comfort of your own home. Next time you think about picking up the phone, Show your face instead!

There’s no better time to try our FREE consultancy session

Put your new video conferencing ability to the test with our FREE 1-2-1 consultancy session. we are currently offering these sessions online to give you a helping hand marketing your business digitally. This will include one to one time with a digital marketing consultant via the above screen sharing / online conferencing software who can look at the activities that the business is undertaking, analyse results and make recommendations for improvements.

The areas covered can include:

We will offer instructions on how to share screens and meet online at the point of scheduling – No better time to get started!

We look forward to E-Meeting you!