Haunted Hosting, Living Dead Links and things that go Bounce in the night! The world of Digital Marketing can be a scary place, so here are 4 top tips that your businesses can use to avoid nightmares this Halloween!

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 1. Dead Links in Emails

Error – Page Not Found… Make sure you fully test the links in your emails before sending them to your email list. It’s easy to make a mistake in the Web address. This can lead to horrific email campaign performance when all of your interested customers click on a dead link.

Tip: Always copy and paste a web address from the browser bar into your email.
Top Tip: If you do make mistake by sending an email with a dead link, don’t send an email to everyone apologising, only send it to the people who actually clicked on the link…

2. R.I.P Facebook Reach

Don’t turn your Facebook page into the walking dead! Promoting too many products and services with outgoing links can have a hugely negative effect on the reach of your posts. Why? Because Facebook hates it when their users leave their platform. Keep that algorithm happy or your Facebook page will stumbling around in the dark screaming ‘BRRAAAIIINNNSS!’.

Tip: Break up your posts about Products and Services with engaging content that still promotes your business as a whole.
Top Tip: Use Facebook’s built in features such as ‘Offers’ and ‘Event Tickets’.

3. Ghoul-gle My Business

Google My Business is a sure fire way to reach prospective customers in your local area. Not having a Google My Business page, or neglecting to fill it with up to date company information, can have a detrimental effect to your business. Google is the number one place for customers to find opening times, phone numbers and addresses – if that information isn’t available, you’ll be scaring away potential commerce!

Tip: Visit Google My Business to launch a page for your company.
Top Tip: Get in touch with InSynch to see how we can help improve your company’s search engine optimisation

4. Blow the cobwebs off your old website!

Out of date website = out of date company. Not only is a dated website hard to navigate and hard to look at – it’s hard for customers to know if your company is even in business anymore! Google is changing it’s algorithms all the time and if your website is out of date, you’ll lose your place in the search rankings and make it harder for customers to find you! 

Tip: Use free WordPress themes to create sleek modern websites
Top Tip: Stay away from online website builders that don’t allow you access to the back end of your website

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