Businesses have always had to find ways to market themselves and in the modern age of websites and social media accounts, it can be even more daunting to understand what all of the terms relating to digital marketing mean. Trying to figure out what your digital marketing company are talking about? Learning the basics of using digital marketing for your business? Chances are you will come across some terms that you simply will not understand.

We’ve created a list of some common digital marketing terms to give you a helping hand:

What is Backlinking?
This is a term used for getting external links from other businesses and websites towards your website. This can also aid with Search Engine Optimisation.

What does Bounce Rate mean?
This is the measurement of visitors who immediatly leave a website quickly with minimal interaction.

What is a CTA or Call to Action?
A call to action is something that has been placed specifically for a customer to take an action. It’s an obvious and easy to use signpost for your website visitors to know where to go next. Examples of these you may have seen could be a button requesting you to ‘read more’, ‘sign up’ or ‘book now’.

What is a CTR or Click Through Rate?
Click through rate is simply the number of visitors that have clicked a link vs those that didn’t. Effectively measuring the number of users engaging with content on your website.

What is Content Marketing?
A really useful form of digital marketing is Content Marketing. This is creating content and putting it out there for people to view such as blog articles or strategy guides that your customers may find useful. Viewers of this content may then share to friends or colleagues or delve further into what you can offer.

What does Conversion mean?
If a visitor has taken the action you would like them to do on your website such as purchasing a product or signing up to a newsletter then that customer has been converted. Conversion rate is the number of customers who take the desired action versus those that do not.

What is Email Marketing?
Using email marketing is extremely common but sending emails and newsletters can be extremely effective with communicating with previous clients or potential customers that may be already warm to your products or services.

What are Impressions?
Impressions is a term for how many times something has been seen by its audience. For example, there is an impression for each time someone views a Facebook advert – if a user sees something 3 times, that would total 3 impressions.

What are Keywords?
Keywords are important words or phrases that you use on your website and within your Search Engine Optimisation that will help customers find you over other businesses.

What is a Landing Page?
A single page that you will use to promote a certain service or use as the home for an advertising campaign. This allows you to funnel customers to a focused page where your call to actions are set up for a specific purpose.

What is Organic Traffic?
Organic traffic is the term used for visitors that naturally find your website via a search engine search.

What are Paid Ads?
While in an ideal world all traffic to your website would come organically that unfortunately isn’t the case. Paid ads allow you to use a social media platform or search engine such as Facebook or Google to promote your content to users of those websites with relevant interests or similar searches.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?
This is the process of optimising your website with search engine rankings in mind to try and appear as far to the top of a google search as possible. All search engines have algorithms that automatically sort the order of rankings and therefore your website needs to be optimised to make the most of this. Carefully planning and adding keywords and text to your website is a great way to bring extra traffic to your website through online search.

What is Social Media Marketing?
This is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for marketing. Whether it’s posting your latest products on Instagram or success stories on Facebook using social media can be extremely advantageous.

What does Traffic mean?
Traffic is the number of users who visit a website.

There are of course many more terms but these are some of the most commonly used today. We always try and make our terminology easy to understand for all of our Total Digital Marketing clients and we can seamlessly mesh with your business to provide support in the areas you either do not understand or do not have time for.