Are you just analysing clicks in Google Ads (Adwords)?

If all you do when you’re going onto Google Adwords is to have a quick look at the number of clicks/traffic to your site then you really aren’t getting the best out of this very powerful system.

This may seem the quickest way to find out whether the cost of Adwords is bringing you in traffic, but does it tell you how useful this traffic is, where to improve and where to perhaps add or reduce your budget?

On Google Ads, as well as looking at the clicks, also look at the click rate/interaction rate to see whether this is working, if you are getting 100,000 impressions but only 50 clicks then this says more than just looking at 50 clicks.

Another place to look is the Average cost per click – this relates to how much you spend when users click on your advert to reach your site.

If you are paying a lot of money per click, for example over £1 per click, this also lets you know if this campaign is more or less successful than others as the amount you pay per click should be less than the conversion value.

So for instance, if you’re selling £50 boots and the cost per click is 15p and people buy your boots every time they go to your site, then you know you’re getting value out of your ads.

Google Ads also has a great feature for ad extensions. Basically you can make your advert bigger and better by adding more information and links to it.

One of these is the call extension. Here you can add in your phone number so that people can call you directly from the advert. This can be especially useful if people usually call to enquire more or would like to get in touch right away, for example with accommodation websites.

Once this is set up you can then start seeing calls that come through direct from the advert. When looking at your campaign’s or ad groups in your campaigns you can click the ‘Columns’ button then ‘Modify columns’. Then in the call details group if you tick Phone calls, Phone impr. (impressions) and PTR (phone through rate) and then click apply.

Then you can see how many calls came directly from the campaign/ad group, the amount of phone number impressions it had (how many people saw your number) and then the amount of rate that people actually clicked to call you when they saw your number.

There are a number of places to look at in Google Ads to get a better idea of how you are spending your money, how effective it is and whether people are getting in contact/buying your products or services because of these campaigns.

This is much more effective than just looking at clicks for every ad campaign, and we’ve only mentioned a couple of places to look!

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