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InSynch will be providing a range of services to Slimfellows, including SEOGoogle AdsFacebook Remarketing and Email Marketing campaigns and a full Social Media and Content Development strategy.

Slimfellows is a simple to follow 5-step weight loss programme for men over 40 who want to feel better, look better, stay healthier, live longer and do the things in life that bring them real joy!

Using the latest science-based techniques, they have created a weight loss programme that’s effective, easy to follow and gives a permanent solution to weight problems so you never have to diet again.

David Brookes, founder of Slimfellows is one of the weight loss industry’s best-kept secrets. Over the last 24 years, he’s worked one to one with hundreds of clients and helped thousands more to lose weight through his personalised programmes.

David’s revolutionary work has not gone unnoticed, with rave reviews from some of the industry’s leaders, such as Paul McKenna & Carol Vorderman. His approach is light years ahead of his time and he is one of the first in the industry to deal with weight loss at its core, encompassing all the elements of mindset, psychology, nutrition and exercise in one simple to follow programme.

Huntsham Court Farm

InSynch started working with Huntsham at the beginning of April, they provide outstanding rare breed meat to top restaurants and hotels throughout the UK, but are keen to grow there customer base online. We have devised a strategy which includes implementing Website Conversion ImprovementsSEOGoogle AdsFacebook Remarketing and Email Marketing.

Huntsham Farm specialises in producing the finest rare breed meat from pedigree animals – Longhorn beef, Middle White pork and Ryeland lamb – rather than just beef, pork and lamb. These magnificent animals are given individual attention by a small devoted team.

Michel Roux – Le Gavroche, London

Middle White pork has the crispiest skin and the best flavoured fat to accompany its fantastic tasting meat.”

InSynch are proud to be working with both Slimfellows and Huntsham!

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