It’s clear to see that the last few years have seen a shift in focus back to picking up old hobbies and expressing personal creativity. As we stayed indoors, we were granted time to reconnect with these areas that the modern digital life had once pushed to the side. Now more than ever the UK is choosing creative pursuits over clocking up that screentime!

Our client, Bright Quilting, is an online retailer of fabrics predominantly used for quilting. Specialising in modern, bright and quality designer fabrics that are built to last. In December 2020, founder Carie Mason approached us here at InSynch with the aim of restructuring her website to increase her online sales. Additionally, Carie was looking to develop her business further by offering workshops that were available to book via her website and hiring out her LongArm rental machine.

On initial conversation with Carie, we established that competition in this market was high and although Bright Quilting stocked a range of quality designer fabrics they were not seeing much traffic coming through to the website. From here we were able to establish clear goals that would provide a framework for a results-driven Digital Marketing strategy. Our partnership makes use of Search Engine Optimisation, Intelligent Paid Social Ad Campaigns, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media Content Creation and Website Improvement. All of which are created and carried out by our team of industry experts.

After attempting to manage her marketing internally, Carie Mason felt that it was important to reach out for support, she said: “When I began my business I realised that a website and marketing were important but I had no real idea where to start. I turned to Digital Wales who were so helpful with workshops and seminars. Through these, I went to a seminar hosted by InSynch.  It was enlightening and I liked the style which was encouraging and not dictating. I knew I needed more help, so I researched InSynch and decided to approach them to discuss options”.

Upon research, Carie discovered our free 1-2-1 sessions available via our website and booked a session with our in-house specialist Sam. Carie said; “I decided to give it a try and met (online) Sam Jones who has been a great support to me, teaching me as much as I could take on and supporting me with that”. 

Happy with the support she was receiving and the work being carried out by our team, Carie went on to say:  “My website underwent a review and options were offered to improve its effectiveness.  The changes were subtle but made a big difference.  Social Media and SEO have improved my organic growth.  My business is growing slowly but steadily and I am very pleased and happy with InSynch’s work and support”.

Here at InSynch, our approach is to build upon existing resources within your team through consultancy and training, alongside delivering measured and sophisticated strategies that strive to achieve your business goals. You’ll unlock access to our entire team, who are experts within their field and feel reassured that your business needs are in safe hands.

Sam Jones, Digital Marketing Executive, Graphic Designer and project manager for Bright Quilting here at InSynch, went on to describe the partnership, saying: “By studying Google analytics and the overall website conversion analysis, along with gaining a better understanding of past marketing activities, we set on creating and implementing a strategy that was both measurable and set to meet Carie’s specific goals. This involved restructuring the website and building and trialling intelligent campaigns that reached a specific demographic of potential customers, based on a detailed persona document, both in her area to increase the shop footfall and workshop signups, but also to gain better website conversions.”

“Throughout, Carie has been a really engaged client to work with and has been very keen to learn and pick up set skills to enable her to continue with her own marketing moving forward, and has received training throughout her time working with us. This has been an exciting project to be involved with and it’s been great to see the business grow and rank better against its competitors.”

“Bright Quilting now has a really engaged audience with much repeat business generated from email marketing, but by enhancing and refining the SEO now also receives a healthy amount of traffic and sales from organic reach, which has allowed Carie to rely solely on organic sales and cease PPC advertising.”

If you’re looking to achieve your business goals, like Bright Quilting, or gain advice from one of our experts like Sam, why not book in a FREE 1-2-1 now?