Your website is wasting your Facebook Ads budget

For every business, the goal of your marketing is to make a sale. Of course, that sale can come in many different forms, and the journey to that sale may be entirely different from business to business, and customer to customer.

That’s why a cohesive Digital Marketing strategy is so important. In 2019, the average click-through rate on Facebook ads was under 1% across all industries, and studies in 2020 show that only 2.86% of your eCommerce website visitors will make a purchase.

That means 97% of people who visit your website, aren’t making a purchase. So – what happens to those people? Where do they go?

Let’s say your Facebook ads are reaching 100,000 people a month, that’s roughly 1000 people clicking through and visiting your website – amounting to around 28 purchases.

That’s 972 people who aren’t making a purchase. If your website is only built for one conversion, then your website is wasting your Facebook Ads budget.

So, how do you combat this? By making your website work harder and smarter.

5 Different Website Conversions To Implement On Your Website

1. Purchase

Obviously, this is the most important conversion. This is the focus of your marketing. But with only 2.86% of eCommerce website visitors making a purchase, the rest of the conversions on the list will help bring people back, turning them into customers.

2. Enquiry

Whether it’s an email, a message via a contact form, or maybe even a quick question via a messaging app. All of these lines of inquiry will guide website visitors on their journey to becoming a customer. Make your email addresses are linked up and open your visitor’s email client. Ensure your ‘Contact us’ buttons are well highlighted and eye-catching. Ensure all of your contact forms work – maybe even add one on your home page.

3. Email Subscriber

Yes, we know you think pop-ups are annoying. Quite frankly, they are. We know you never enter your email when you see one – but A LOT of other people do! Honestly – they really work, and we can guarantee you’ll drive more sales from an email newsletter than a Facebook ad any day of the week. A client of mine with a very modest Facebook Ads budget has increased their Email Subscriber list by 300 people this year already, solely because of a pop-up on their home page.

4. Download Incentive

Ok, maybe you don’t want to use pop-ups to collect email addresses. What about a download incentive instead? Offering a brochure, price list, menu, or other important information in exchange for a website visitor’s email address.

5. Social Media Follow

There are a few different ways to drive traffic from your website to your social media, helping you stay in touch with potential customers. Ensure you have clear links to your social media accounts in your header or footer. You can even embed social media feeds into your website, or add a Facebook like button.

By adding multiple levels of conversion to your website, your Facebook advertising budget is not just bringing your business sales – but gathering email addresses, leads and social media followers too – making your budget go so much further.