You may know us as the experts that deliver your digital marketing strategy, but it’s about time you got to know our team of specialists here at InSynch a little better.

We sat down with Sam, our Digital Marketing Executive, Graphic Designer & Business Development Executive and asked her a few questions on all things digital!

Introduce yourself and your role here at InSynch! 
Multitasking is a big part of my daily routine at InSynch and it’s a skill I’ve honed since joining the team in November 2018. Working in media for over 35 years, yes I’m old!…and having successfully run my own business, I bring a variety of skills to InSynch. I work as a Digital Marketing Executive managing clients accounts, formulating and implementing many digital marketing strategies, as InSynch’s Graphic Designer working across the full list of clients at InSynch, but I also work on Business Development for InSynch, regularly attending networking events and holding webinars and 121 consultations to bring in new business. My working day is never dull and never quiet, but it’s a job that I love.

What has been your digital marketing ‘peak’ over the last 3 months? 
This is a tough one as each day is so eventful and so much has happened in recent months, but what I can say is, it’s an absolute joy working with such a diverse portfolio of businesses and seeing them flourish with the implementation of some simple digital marketing techniques that perhaps they were unaware of. To be able to share knowledge and offer training to help businesses thrive in what is an extremely competitive digital marketing space is hugely rewarding. For me it’s probably the sheer volume of work I surprise myself with turning out, I must be at my peak! 

What has been your digital marketing ‘pit’ over the last 3 months and what did you learn from it? 
I think this goes back to multitasking again and ensuring that no balls are dropped, as it were. Working at InSynch is both rewarding and challenging, and we’ve grown significantly as a business over recent months and I sometimes find it hard to mentally switch off. I am surrounded by a great team of experienced professionals, who all have a solid work ethic, and are all supportive of each other, so I really do need to learn to delegate more!

Are there any digital trends or launches businesses should be aware of?
In terms of trends, if you want to stand out in 2022 you will need personalisation in your marketing, personalising content, products, emails etc. Trends demonstrate, unsurprisingly, that consumers love it!

What’s been your biggest InSynch Achievement of 2021?
Growth! Being part of a team that is growing, bringing in new business and seeing these businesses grow.

What’s been your favourite Digital Marketing campaign of 2021 and why?
I think one that I’m seeing every time I turn the box on is the Virgin Media #FasterCloser campaign from Virgin Media Broadband. The focus here is on storytelling and hitting an emotional chord with their audience. Used across several platforms including TV and social media. Storytelling if used correctly is a really powerful tool as demonstrated with this campaign, allowing the audience to connect and relate the story being told.