Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. It should never be the case that you create a digital marketing strategy at the beginning of each year, only to file it away. Nor should you not consider how the latest trends could slot into your plans.

A strategy should be adapted and refined as you go, honing in on what does and does not work for your business. If you feel like your strategy has become stagnant, continue reading this blog for inspiration. One of these digital marketing strategy ideas may just work for you!

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Power Your Social Media Strategy with Influencers

The term ‘Influencer’ has become increasingly common in the world of marketing – but what is an Influencer? And how can this type of campaign support your online presence?

By definition, an Influencer is a person who is considered an expert in their field and has an engaged social media following. Their followers will look to them for inspiration, as well as value their opinion. According to a 2020 study, 61% of consumers trust the recommendations of influencers, compared to 38% who trust content from the brand itself.

Influencer marketing is most popular across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Content creators on these platforms will secure brand deals to promote your product or service to their audiences. This sends traffic directly to your business’ website or social media channels.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

  • Boosting brand awareness in targeted communities
  • Drive more visitors and engagement to your own social media channels and website
  • Humanise your brand
  • Create word of mouth recommendation for your product or service
  • A great option for market research and gaining feedback on your product

Expand your Digital Marketing Strategy with Guest Posting

Guest posting falls under content marketing, and is the art of writing meaningful and valuable articles for other websites that operate within your industry.

Once used as an SEO strategy to build backlinks, the benefits of guest blogging now sway toward brand awareness. It provides the opportunity to place your brand as a “thought leader”, as you deliver useful information on relevant topics to audiences who fit your target market.

It’s best to approach websites that are highly relevant to your brand, have strong domain authority, and are not disingenuous. Remember to optimise your content with relevant keywords!

What are the benefits of guest posting?

  • Develop trust and authority within the industry
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic to your website and social media channels
  • Generate leads

Master B2B Social Media Marketing

The social media strategy within a B2B digital marketing plan should be carefully constructed. LinkedIn can be used as a powerful lead generation tool, with the all-important decision-makers just a few clicks away.

LinkedIn advertising offers extremely detailed audience targeting, including job titles, location, company size and more.

For this reason, you must have a plan for:

  • The audience you would like to reach
  • Content Marketing for this audience to nurture new connections into business relationships
  • How you will nurture the leads into customers

As with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is best used to grow brand awareness, as part of a longer-term strategy. Rather than just focusing on sales, use this platform to demonstrate your brand’s credibility by delivering educational content for your audiences.

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