Is it too early for a mince pie? Too early to put the Christmas decorations up? It’s certainly not too early to get the Christmas songs playing in the home office, and who’s going to stop me anyway?

It’s definitely time to start planning your Christmas digital marketing campaign! With more and more shoppers vowing to keep their Christmas spending local this year, there is no better way to reach them than with engaging social media content.

So, here are 6 Christmas social media content ideas you can use for some festive inspiration. If 6 isn’t enough for you, here’s a free InSynch Christmas Content Webinar happening on the 1st of December.

Use your products in Christmas recipes or Christmas craft videos

Selling chocolate? Arts and crafts materials? Booze? Don’t just post pictures of your products, show your potential customers how much their old favourites can be improved on. The perfect hot chocolate with your handcrafted chocolate treats. Cocktail recipes that use your alcohol. How to make a Christmas stocking with your fabric, or a Christmas card with your arts and crafts materials. The options are endless, and they’ll all inspire your potential customers to make an order.

Include your products in a letter to Father Christmas

This one’s an easy one! Write a letter to Father Christmas which includes a few of your own products, then take a quick picture of it next a post box or roaring fire. Festive, simple and effective!

Display your products how a customer would use them

Nobody wants to see an uncooked Turkey in a polystyrene box on their timeline. In the Summer, supermarkets don’t advertise uncooked burgers on their BBQ-themed TV ads. Christmas is no different. No matter what you sell, displaying it in the setting that a customer would enjoy it in is key to any advertising, not just social media.

Host a Christmas Quiz on Facebook Live

A Facebook Live video is the only type of content your Facebook followers will receive a notification for, and having customers compete in your comments section is a great way to gather engagement and further your post reach. You could make one of your products the prize, or simply promote your products through out the video.

Use Instagram’s new Reels feature

Social media platforms love to promote their new features by highlighting them on users’ feeds. Right now, reels are all the rage on Instagram – they’re everywhere! Reels are a bit like TikTok videos, so ask your son, daughter, or grandchild from a helping hand – they’ll know what to do!

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