Social media profiles can be very easy to set up and then very easy to forget. We’ve talked to many businesses and asked them which social media accounts they keep up to date and find effective. And then we ask whether they have other accounts set up and generally, we hear back yes – but they do nothing with them!

While this can be easily ignored as at least you have a social media profile, sometimes this can do you more harm than good. Yes, it’s good to try and cover the bases and if people find you on a long-forgotten Twitter account and end up converting – that’s brilliant. But this rarely happens, and it’s because of information that can easily fall between the cracks.

Have you ever moved location or changed you number?

What we tend to find is that people use the same website address if they had a website address on the account’s creation, but generally the physical address has been changed since the accounts creation. The phone number is also another piece of information that may have changed since long-forgotten social media accounts were made.

How long has it been since an update was put on that platform?

If these haven’t been updated, of course, that could be very confusing to a potential customer trying to get a hold of you, especially if there are not links to your current website. Combining this lack of correct information and the out of date updates on that social media platform a customer can very easily assume that your business is no longer trading, and move onto another company.

Test and refine – find if that social media platform is right

We would always recommend, test out a presence on social media profiles (time permitting) to see if this brings in relevant customers and if you see benefits from it, supporting brand awareness or word of mouth traffic to your business even. If not, consider if you still need to use that platform – if you don’t, it might be best to delete or hide this rather then leaving it out of date.

It may sound counter-productive, but focusing your efforts on a few social media platforms that bring you in relevant customers is actually better than trying to cover all the bases with every social media platform available.

If you wanted to have another company look after your social media profiles instead why not get in touch with us regarding our social media packages and/or digital marketing packages – we can also help you determine which social media platforms are best placed to use.