What is Geo Targeting?

In simple terms, Geo Targeting works by identifying the location of a device/user based on their internet address, Wifi and GPS data. Then, adverts are delivered to that device to target people in that location.

You may not know it, but you are being Geo Targetted all the time. Even when you search on Google, the results, including adverts are tailored to your location in one way or another.

Where are Geo Targeted adverts shown?

Advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads are prime places for Geo targeted ad campaigns. Used correctly they can appear on phones, tablets and computers in many different ways.

Your ads could be shown on various social media platforms, web searches, in the middle of articles, emails and websites. Your advert might even interrupt somebody playing Candy Crush!

How could Geo Targeting be used to market a business effectively

Here are a few examples of Geo targeting Ad campaigns we have run for our clients

  • Promoting a new food brand to people within a 10 mile radius of 50 supermarkets that were stocking the brand
  • Promoting a tourist attraction to tourists who are traveling an area
  • Targeting visitors to a large event both during and after the event
  • Reaching customers within a 1 hour drive radius of a business
  • Recruitment campaign targeting down to people at a street level
  • Food Hamper campaign reaching foodies in specific locations across the UK

How to supercharge your Geo targeting campaigns

Many companies delivering geo targeting services based purely on impressions of adverts in an area. However, to be really effective, you can be much more sophisticated with your campaign.

  • Combine location data with interests, age, device and really hone in on your ideal customer
  • Test numerous ad formats, platforms and audiences and refine the campaign as you go
  • Think about what you are going to do with the customer who sees/clicks your advert. Can you capture their email address at the same time?
  • Think about remarketing to those who have seen and engaged with your advert. Take potential customers on a journey

How much does geo targeting costs?

Ad campaigns can cost as little as a £1 a day. However it is also not unusual to spend thousands on a brand awareness campaign. Of course there will be advert management and set up fees to consider.

So how do I get started?

If you are interested in InSynch working with you on a Geo Targeted campaign and want to discuss options please contact us or book an initial free 121 session to discuss.