What do you need?

You will need to create an account and sign up online and download the Zoom application when prompted. If you are using a tablet or mobile phone you will need to download the Zoom app from the app store on your device.

Getting Started and Creating an account

In order to create a new account, you can use the following instructions

  1. Navigate to zoom.us and click the ‘Sign Up, It’s Free’ button and complete the signup process
  2. Once you have signed up for a Zoom account you will be taken to a dashboard where you can view and manage your profile information, Settings and view or create upcoming meetings.

Joining a Meeting

If you have been invited by email you can click the link within the email to join the meeting, This will automatically open the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device. Alternatively, you may be sent a meeting ID and password by the person inviting you to the meeting. You will need to open the Zoom application manually and click ‘Join’ and when prompted enter the meeting ID and password that you have received.

Hosting a Meeting

To host a meeting you will need to follow these instructions

  1. Open the Zoom application
  2. Click the ‘New Meeting’ button
  3. A meeting window will pop up showing your camera as nobody else is currently in the meeting. Click ‘Participants’ at the bottom of this window
  4. You can now click the ‘invite’ button and click on the email option to automatically populate an email to be sent to any contacts that you wish to invite to the Zoom meeting
  5. Alternatively, you can copy the URL for the meeting and send this to someone directly.

During the meeting

  • Most of the controls for the meeting are along the bottom of the Zoom meeting window
  • You can mute and stop the video, invite participants, use text chat, share your own screen and even record the entire meeting. The ‘End Meeting’ button is in the bottom right of the window coloured red.
  • Once you have muted yourself you can press spacebar to unmute yourself momentarily.