Be proactive not simply reactive

Perhaps one of the few sources of comfort in the face of the terrifying threat that the current circumstance poses to businesses is that you are not alone. Your competitors will be suffering just as you are. However, it is those that proactively alter their business to be more dynamic and efficient that will ultimately see their business fare far better.

Communication is still key

It is highly likely that you and your team have been confined to working in isolation from one another. This will, of course, greatly hinder your intercommunication and collaboration. It is easy to fall into the trap of merely emailing or telephoning one another when necessary, however, the majority of your day to day office interaction will be lost. By using solely emails and telephone calls to communicate you will not only waste a great deal of each other’s time, but you will also see important and urgent issues lost in translation or not addressed. To combat this there is a vast amount of software and platforms available that will allow you, your co-workers and your clients to remain in close contact.

Provided you have a webcam or a microphone, you can use sites like Google Hangouts as your virtual office for the workday, muting the camera or mic when needed. There are also business chat platforms such as Slack and file-share platforms such as Google Drive that facilitate easy collaboration. All of these options can save you precious time not to mention help to alleviate the psychological effects of working in isolation.

The digital lifeline

Luckily for us all, since the creation and mass availability of the internet, isolation alone cannot completely paralyse individual’s access to a business. It has never been more vital for a business to have a functional and optimized digital presence. Whether you sell, buy, trade, promote or offer a service, there is now no margin for digital complacency. On top of the physical limitations Covid 19 will put on your business, it will also mean that for the foreseeable future more and more people will be browsing the internet out of necessity and for refuge from the isolation. For those with a website, it is now about re-directing efforts to make yourself easy to locate and maximizing web conversions.

For businesses’, such as the majority of B2B companies, that rely on events and face to face interaction for conversions, the internet is now a lifeline. PredictHQ published figures showing a 500% surge in event postponements and cancellations. However tempting it may seem to play it safe and cut all budgets, the most ambitious and strategic companies will devise and implement a plan to effectively harness their new volume of digital customers. The natural aversion to change will see many businesses enter new and unchartered digital waters but by creatively replacing or replicating the successful physical sides of your business online you will build strong foundations to survive this economically treacherous time and thrive beyond.

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