As you’ll be aware, the current virus outbreak across the UK is hitting businesses hard. The InSynch team are now strategically placed across Wales and the Midlands in high-tech home-offices, still delivering Digital Marketing campaigns for their clients to the absolute pinnacle of standard. After 15-years of hard work and service, nothing can stop us from helping businesses flourish online.

If you’re feeling the pinch and looking for ways to adapt under the current circumstances, we’ve got some ideas for you below. Alternatively, InSynch are proud to be offering free online 1-2-1 consultations for all businesses looking to adapt to their current circumstances.

Search Engine Optimisation

Now’s your chance to prepare your business to take that Google top spot! Search Engine Optimisation can be a long and grueling job. From alt titles to inbound links, there are countless ways to improve your position on search positions. But with a little more time suddenly placed in your lap, it’s time to put the work in and get ranking!

Start building your Social Media Strategy

If we had a pound for every time somebody told us “I don’t have time to run my Social Media properly.”, we’d finally be able to buy our CEO, Eddy that speed boat he’s after. Well, our boss may not be making waves on the open seas just yet, but you can make waves on Social Media, and all it takes is a little forward planning! Pinpoint your target audience, build a content plan and start working on your schedule. You could have a completely fresh Social Media output ready to go by June!

Offer consultations online, or set up an eCommerce store

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and all of them offer face-to-face communication. If you’re in the service industry; legal, finance, medical – why not start thinking about how you can deliver one-to-one consultations online? You can even gather potential leads using Facebook Ads, who can get in contact with you via WhatsApp – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either!

Are you a local business selling products? From Wix, to WordPress, to Squarespace – there are dozens of ways to set up quick and simple eCommerce stores for next to nothing. Your customers are still going to need fresh milk and toilet roll, and if they can’t come to you, why not go to them?

Google Advertising

As a small business, it’s hard to fight the big players of the Google Advertising world. Nobody wants to battle it out with a generic hotel room provider over a £15.41 for a ‘Hotels Shropshire’ keyword. Well, now might be your chance to bag it for cheaper. Large companies may start to pull their investments in certain areas over the next few months, and customers will still be Google searching for services. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to swoop in.

Time for a re-brand?

You’ve been meaning to blow the cobwebs off that old website for years. And that logo looks like it was created in WordArt. Start thinking of ways to improve the overall look and feel of your business and get ready to splash that brand new logo all over your local area come summer.

No matter what you and your business do during this downtime. We hope you’re keeping safe, washing your hands and taking care of your loved ones. And after all, this is Britain, it’s in our blood to Keep Calm & Carry On.