Improve Your Black Friday Sales With These Digital Marketing Strategies

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You may have some killer Black Friday deals lined up for the busiest sales weekend of 2022, but have you got the Digital Marketing strategies in place to gather the attention it deserves?

Over the years we’ve seen many businesses prepare heavily for Black Friday but not deliver the required Digital Marketing support to actually get the required traffic on their website to shop the sale. An essential element to any sale! 

After years of seeing businesses try and fail at Black Friday, we’ve compiled our top 5 strategies to put in place for your Black Friday event NOW.

1. Deliver email newsletters to your subscribed audience in the lead-up to the event.

If you haven’t already, start sending Black Friday emails now! Tease your existing audience with sneak peeks of the deals and products that are going to be featured in your event. 

Give your audience something to think about and build interest ahead of time. By doing so, your sales event will already be on your customer’s radar when the sale goes live. 

On the day of your event, ensure you are sending a newsletter to your audience to alert them of your deals going live. Competition within your customer’s mailbox will be high! So make sure your subject line is captivating and stands out in a crowd.

2. Create a Black Friday pop-up on your website to gather customers’ email addresses.

Create a pop-up on your website encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter to unlock an exclusive discount code.

Black Friday is a flash-in-the-pan event, so any opportunities you have to convert new customers into returning customers are key to your long-term success. 

Integrate this pop-up with your email marketing system, e.g. Mailchimp, to automatically add any new leads to your existing contacts list. As an added bonus, tag any submissions through your pop-up as ‘Black Friday’ to easily identify any new subscribers that were gathered during the event.

3. Adjust your website’s SEO to include keywords and phrases for Black Friday.

Searches including ‘Black Friday’ have increased by 80% over the last two years, indicating a HUGE volume of organic traffic to tap into. But that opportunity comes with fierce competition, as you’ll be working to outrank your competitors and capture those audiences. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start adjusting your keywords across your site to feature phrases including ‘Black Friday’. To find these relevant terms, you’ll need a refreshed set of keyword research.

Not sure where to begin? Book a FREE 121 session with one of our experts here.

4. Promote using organic and paid Social Media campaigns.

Create content for your social platforms promoting your event and reach audiences you haven’t reached organically with a boosted post strategy. 

Drip feed teasers to your audience on the week leading up to your Black Friday event, generating buzz ahead of the launch and ensuring your deals are on your customer’s radar. 

Create an audience in your Facebook Ads Manager that details your target audience, and boost each Black Friday post to this audience. 

Make use of interactive features on Instagram and Facebook Stories to engage your audience and provide them with a direct link to your website.

5. Promote your sale using Google Advertising.

Statistics show that Google Ads increase website traffic more than any other promotional tool during Black Friday. With 4.33% of clicks from UK users on Black Friday converting to sales. These campaigns are particularly popular in the Home & Garden, Clothing and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industries. 

But which campaigns should you consider? Here are our recommendations for Black Friday: 

  • Search – Text ads on Google search results 
  • Shopping – Product listings on Google 
  • Display – Image/graphic ads across websites
  • Performance Max – A combination of all ad types under one campaign, allowing Google to determine where to allocate your budget depending on the results generated.