The popularity of food delivery services in the last 18 months skyrocketed across all of its many formats. During the series of lockdowns, we saw food subscription giants reach their peak, and popular restaurants turning to delivery services as their main route to market. However, as the UK begins its journey out of restrictions, these new food habits are set to stay with the convenience of food delivery permanently changing the way consumers shop. With this in mind, popular Cardiff based Sushi restaurant Tenkaichi have developed their new sustainable delivery service, named Sushi Wales, delivering quality fresh Sushi across select areas of South Wales. To build and develop upon their existing customer base, Sushi Wales teamed up with us here at InSynch. Our new partnership will use intelligent targeted advertising campaigns and dynamic digital marketing strategies to stand out in this newly crowded market and capture Sushi lovers across South Wales. 

With the aim to build brand awareness, target new audiences and build digital presence; Targeted Social Media Campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Email Marketing and Digital Marketing Consultancy strategies have been devised by our team.

Lloyd Watkins director of Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar in Cardiff first decided to take a closer look at the takeaway market for Sushi during the initial lockdown, he said “My daughter kept telling me about the great restaurant-quality food, she was getting delivered to her door and suggested that our Sushi might present a delivery business opportunity. She felt that high-quality Sushi and Sashimi was generally unavailable unless you happen to live very close to a Sushi restaurant and so able to order from one of the big delivery aggregators. She said, Chain Sushi or Supermarket Sushi is machine-made and not so fresh and suggested that there must be an unmet demand for the quality of Sushi we have been known for, over the past 20 years.” 

Lloyd went on to say “Sushi Wales has been over six months in the making, but we now have all our ducks in a row and are ready to roll out. InSynch’s experience working with Business Wales and the Welsh Government showed me ‘on the ground’ examples of expert digital marketing strategies and targeted advertising campaigns. Initially, I enrolled on a couple of their marketing courses and was impressed, but it was their results analysis and feedback correction techniques that gave me the confidence to choose them as partners; knowing that our marketing budget would then be used wisely and leveraged to maximum benefit. With their help, Sushi Wales aims to quickly expand to serve the whole of South and Mid Wales, before crossing the border and venturing even further afield.”

A study carried out by Mintel, the world-leading global market research firm, states 1 in 5 people in the UK actively shop for Sushi on a regular basis. When this data is paired with the strong demand for food delivery in the UK, the door is opened for success for South Wales based Sushi Wales. 

Georgina Jones, Digital Marketing Consultant here at InSynch said: “As they launch their new website, we’ll be working with Sushi Wales to promote the brand and develop an ongoing digital marketing strategy. This involves building intelligent campaigns that aim to reach potential customers as they’re able to place orders in their area, This is an exciting project to be involved in, and we can’t wait to see the plan in action.”